February 20th, 2010

32 hours to go! An inside scoop…

Jesse Genet

The products we developed for you, our Kickstarter backers, will only be available until Sunday at midnight EST when our Kickstarter campaign comes to a close.

Over-funding means we can move farther faster! Keep spreading the word!

Lumi Goes to the MAGIC Trade Show…

Last week, after staying up nearly all night on Monday making samples we hopped in the car and drove to Las Vegas on Tuesday to attend the MAGIC Apparel Trade Show. It took a little creativity to get ourselves into the show and in front of the people we wanted to talk to, but the results were fantastic! Walking the aisles, and seeing what fashion companies all over the world are creating, opened our eyes to the magnitude of applications for Lumi in the fashion industry. We took several great meetings including one about the potential for Lumi printing onto recycled denim!