July 20th, 2012

Boldness and sass are best served at midnight

Jesse Genet

Just 9 days left and we’re kicking it into high gear. We’ve already got the entire production schedule for your pledges planned out and we’re making design tweaks to your kits so they’re perfect!

We have a bold goal to share: We’d like to hit 250K in the next 9 days. Why 250K? Have we been struck by money madness? Not quite.

We’ve been crunching numbers and a significant amount of our funding will go straight into shipping and raw materials cost – Call us crazy, but with all of the progress the past 21 days we really want to hit it out of the park so that we can roll up our sleeves and build new tools too! Like additional app features, an online community, a project library, hopefully even new colors and kits!

Are you involved in a creative community or group that you could expose to our process? (pun 100% intended – we crack ourselves up). Do you have friends that like to customize their clothes? Kickstarter link to share: http://lumi.co/ks