September 28th, 2012

Crash course: making your first Lumitype

Jesse Genet

After all of the of hubbub and excitement of shipping updates and tearing open boxes you may be thinking… Wait, how do I this? How do I make my first Lumitype? Well, we made a video to walk you through it.

In this crash course Jesse Genet walks you through making your first Lumitype using only what came in the Lumi Printing System Kit, no additional tools necessary. Follow along! Still have questions? Email us:

Note: We know it’s exciting to get started but please heed a few words of wisdom:

  1. Practice on something old: Get your chops down using a thrift store t-shirt or an old pillowcase, not the new t-shirts you purchased!
  2. Buy a mini roller for coating T-shirts: T-shirts are stretchy and can be tricky to evenly coat with Inkodye, you might want to grab a mini paint roller to make your life easier.
  3. More is less: The most common flub on your first print it to use too much Inkodye. You want your fabric to be damp to the touch, not wet. Apply your dye and then soak up the excess with a paper towel before you put down your negative.
  4. Watch the video!

Note: We’re printing in bright California sunlight, you may need to leave your Lumitype in the sun for more than 8 minutes if your sunlight isn’t as strong.