Meet the team!
July 29th, 2012

We’re less than an hour away from completing this marvelous Kickstarter adventure! As a backer of this campaign you are a part of the Lumi story forever and we promise to work to make that story a grand one!

It’s about time you see who you’ve entrusted to fulfill this vision, eh?

Lumi is young team of four: Bud BennettBrittany Jones, Jesse Genet & Stephan Ango, not to forget our intern, Jeremy. We work around the clock, call the shots and create everything you see and experience from Lumi. Inkodye is manufactured in-house and we’re responsible for all of the web, packaging, and other content you see. We’re lucky to have talented friends like Sandwich Video that we collaborate with whenever we can. We’ve also managed to collect a few smart folks that believe in us and serve as key advisers in areas like R&D and finance.

While none of us hail from LA – we all live and work out of the Arts District near downtown LA. Brittany and I walk to work, Bud skateboards in and Stephan is just a 4 minute car ride away. We get to triple up on awesomeness by being friends, neighbors and co-workers all at the same time.

So now that you can put faces to our names we’d like to give you a big digital bear hug from the four of us to you!

Lumitypers for life.