Neon leotard and big dreams
July 4th, 2012

Neon leotard and big dreams

Brittany Rouse

Wow folks! We’re 28% funded, it’s 4th of July and we found the perfect way to celebrate. We printed a neon bodysuit with fireworks, braided our hair and frolicked around outside! Ok, maybe only Jesse braided her hair – but we all frolicked!

Jesse with Fireworks

By the way, we hit a historic mark yesterday – we passed 188 backers! Why is 188 so significant? We had exactly 188 backers on our original 60 day campaign over 2 years ago. Your support so far has been tremendous and we need your help now more than ever. Take a moment and pass this update along to another creative person you know, someone who might enjoy learning how they can create fashion and design pieces using our affordable tools and some sunlight! Succeeding in this campaign is not just about raising funds, its about getting this process into the hands of creative people that can do incredible things with it like start businesses, teach photography and make art.

So dream big and celebrate the freedom that tools like Kickstarter provide to make those dreams come true, Happy 4th of July.