October 22nd, 2014

One Million Prints

Jesse Genet

This April I turned the key and opened the door to our new 12,000 sq. ft. facility in Los Angeles. Walking into our cavernous new space flooded me with excitement for what lies ahead, but also a tinge of nostalgia. It seems like such a short time ago that Stephan and I were conducting Lumi research out of his laundry room, paying his roommate $50 a month for the inconvenience of splashing Inkodye on nearly everything in the room. We used to do prints while clad in bathing suits because the heat from our exposure unit would mingle with water from laundry and create a humid sauna-esque experience.

We’ve come a long way and our new headquarters, which sits south of the LA Arts District on Santa Fe Ave, is a daily reminder of one powerful fact: people all over the world are using Lumi to express their creative ideas.

Just how many prints? Well, based on our data over one million prints have been made with Inkodye all over the world! That’s one million creative experiences and one million trips outside searching for a nice patch of sun.

As I write this, I am hanging out with my two nieces and it reminds me that growing a company has similarities to watching a child grow up. When do kids stop being a toddler and start being their own little person? And when did Lumi stop being an experiment and become a fully fledged company?

Stephan and I founded Lumi with a seemingly simple goal: printing and personalizing things at home, things that don’t fit in your inkjet printer, should be easier. As I watch my nieces play I remember that as kids we are all born artists. It’s only as we get older that many of us convince ourselves that we are not creative. As Lumi grows we try not to fall into the trap of measuring ourselves simply by sales, we measure ourselves by how many creative moments we’ve helped bring to life—and today, that number is one million.

Thanks for being a part of our journey. It’s still just the beginning.