Does Inkodye work on wood?

Yes, Inkodye can be used on raw, unprimed wood. Because the dye binds to the wood fibers themselves make sure there are no coatings, oils, or water repellants on its surface. If you are reclaiming a piece of wood for your project, it has most likely been coated with a protectant or finish. Start by sanding the wood down until you are back to a raw wood surface before applying Inkodye.

Inkodye can be used like a normal wood stain, or can be used paint on wood. For photographic prints follow our normal Photo Printing instructions. For the washing step use hot water with a small amount of Inkowash and scrub the wood with a sponge to remove unexposed dye. Note that wood is very absorbent and usually "holds on" to the dye which may result in visible background tinting.

You can also find custom-made silkscreens, vinyl decals and other tools for printing wood at the new