Is Inkodye environmentally-friendly?

Inkodye develops its color using the power of sunlight and can be effectively used to reduce the amount of electricity and chemicals necessary to print and dye a variety of materials. 

Inkodye is designed to create durable prints on renewable materials made from vegetable and animal fibers. Due to its chemistry Inkodye does not bind permanently to synthetic materials.

Inkodye is water-based and requires no additional chemicals or solvents for development or clean up. Inkodye is part of a family of dyes known as "vat dyes" which includes dyes used in coloring military and service uniforms.

We strive to source all of our ingredients in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. Note that due to the nature of Inkodye's formula it is not a 100% natural product. Consult our MSDS for more information.