How can I clean an Inkodye stain or spill?

Inkodye becomes permanent once it is activated by light. If you've spilled Inkodye on clothing it is important to act quickly and wash the garment before Inkodye's color develops. For spills on carpets and furniture, soak up the dye with paper towels then scrub the rest using soap and water. Inkodye can safely be diluted with water and poured down the drain.

For stains on skin and hands we recommend Reduran Hand Cleaner or pumice soap. If a stain has been exposed to sunlight it is unlikely to come out easily. There is not much left to do but scrub with hot soapy water to try and remove as much of it as possible.

CAUTION: Do not use bleach to clean Inkodye. Inkodye is resistant to bleach and contains ammonia that can react with bleach to create toxic fumes. Learn more about Inkodye safety.