Christmas Sweater T-Shirt

Christmas Sweater T-Shirt

Shayna Brody

No knitting skills required for this festive DIY Christmas sweater! 


Inkodye ↗
Inkowash ↗
Inkocap Roller / Paintbrush
White T-Shirt
Paper Towels
Gather supplies

1. Gather supplies

Draw your pattern / Print your negative

2. Draw your pattern / Print your negative

You can either draw your pattern on a sheet of transparency film, or print out our negative here >> Sweater Negative

Prep Shirt

3. Prep Shirt

Place a project board (or cardboard) in-between your shirt to prevent ink from seeping through to the back. You can also tape off the area you would like to print to ensure there are straight lines.

Apply Inkodye

4. Apply Inkodye

Using an Inkocap Roller or a Paintbrush, apply Inkodye evenly to your fabric. 


5. Blot

With a paper towel or cloth, remove the excess Inkodye. You want the fabric to be damp, but not soaking wet.


6. Expose

Bring your print out into the sun and expose until the color has fully developed!

It was a cloudy day at Lumi HQ, so we used our UV Light set up. Learn more about printing with UV light here >>


7. Reveal

In a dim area, remove your negative and reveal your creation!


8. Wash

Put your T-shirt in the washing machine. Wash on hot and rinse of cold. Use Inkowash as detergent. We recommend you wash your shirt twice to ensure that the excess dye has been removed.


9. Enjoy!

Show off your festive new outfit.