DIY Galaxy Print on Fabric

DIY Galaxy Print on Fabric

Ready to boldly print what no one has printed before?

Bud Bennett

We love galaxy prints and couldn't wait to replicate the effect ourselves using Inkodye. 

This guide will show you how to combine Inkodye and spray bottles to create a vibrant galaxy print. Let's take your wardrobe to the final frontier!


Inkodye ↗
Inkowash ↗
Negative ↗
Project board
Spray bottles
Painter's tape
Measuring cup
Spray bottles

1. Spray bottles

For this project you will need three spray bottles, one for each color. You can find empty spray bottles at a drugstore or home improvement store, or recycle empty bottles from home.

Spray warm water through the spray handle to clean out the nozzle and hose. We recommend black spray bottles, to insure Inkodye doesn't develop in the bottle. If you can only find transparent ones, make sure to work in a dim environment.

Dilute with water

2. Dilute with water

Add one color of Inkodye to each bottle. For this print we used Inkodye Blue, Orange and Red. Then, thin your Inkodye by mixing equal parts dye and water. Don't worry, Inkodye is very concentrated. The colors will still be bright and bold after the water is added.

Pick an image

3. Pick an image

Go online and find yourself a great space image! The NASA photo library has a huge selection of beautiful images, and most are high resolution and copyright free.

Make a negative

4. Make a negative

Invert and adjust your image, then print it out. For this project we wanted a large print, so we ordered a large format negative from a local screen-printing shop. You can make your negative using the Lumi App.


5. Tape

Use painter's tape to mask off the print area.

Spray Inkodye Spray Inkodye

6. Spray Inkodye

Decide where you would like the nebula to be. Spray this area first using Inkodye Orange. Be sure to spray a fine mist so the edges fade out smoothly. Next, spray Inkodye Red over most of the nebula area. Leave some parts pure orange.

While avoiding the nebula, thoroughly spray the rest of the print area with Inkodye Blue. Make sure to coat all the way to the edges. Finally, add a some thick drops of Red and Orange on top of the Blue space area.


7. Expose

Dab away the excess Inkodye, lay your negative on top of the print area, and expose your print. If you have any questions about how to achieve a bright vibrant Inkodye print, our guide to photo printing with Inkodye has all the answers.


8. Reveal

Once the image has developed, bring it inside and peel away the negative for a sneak peek. It's looking good!


9. Wash

Be sure to wash your print with Inkowash to rinse away any undeveloped dye.

You're done!

10. You're done!

Congratulations on your awesome space gear! Dare we say it looks out of this world?