Last Minute Halloween Costume

Last Minute Halloween Costume

Scare all of your friends with this spooky Frankenstein costume!

Caitlin Clarkson

Forget to buy a halloween costume? We've got you covered. Print your own Frankenstein costume quickly and easily.

You can purchase this negative on our website here or print your own scary face at home!

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Inkodye ↗
Inkowash ↗
Negative ↗
Inkocap Roller / Brush
Paper Towels
Push Pins
Project Board
Gather Supplies

1. Gather Supplies


2. Plan

Try the shirt on and figure out the placement for your negative to make sure it fits directly over your head.


3. Pin

Turn your shirt inside out! Pin down a project board or a piece of cardboard in between you shirt to make sure the Inkodye doesn't bleed through to the other side.

Apply Inkodye Apply Inkodye

4. Apply Inkodye

Spread the Inkodye evenly across your shirt.


5. Blot

Use a paper towel to remove the extra Inkodye from your shirt.

Secure Negative

6. Secure Negative

Place your negative on the your shirt and pin it to your fabric. Make sure to place the negative upside, so that it is right side up when you pull it over your head!


7. Expose

Bring your creation into the light, let it stay in the sun for about 20-25 minutes until the color is black.


8. Reveal

Peel your negative back and see how your print turned out. Make sure to do this in a dim area!


9. Wash

Run your shirt through the washing machine using Inkowash twice to make sure all of the Inkodye is removed.

Scare! Scare!

10. Scare!

Your Halloween costume is complete!