Pet Skeleton Halloween Costume

Pet Skeleton Halloween Costume

Shayna Brody

Deck out your pet, Inkodye style. 

For this project, we used a skeleton negative and customized it with a negative of candy to make it look like our model, Tila, ate all of the Halloween candy!


Inkodye ↗
Inkowash ↗
Negative ↗
Paper Towels
Dog Shirt
Gather Supplies / Measure

1. Gather Supplies / Measure

Get all of you supplies together, and make sure you have a shirt that will fit you pet. Then measure the shirt, and resize the negative to the size of your pet's shirt.

Download Negative

2. Download Negative

Download the negative here, and resize it to match you pets size in using a photo-editing program.

Left Side

Right Side

Halloween Candy

Apply Inkodye

4. Apply Inkodye

Apply the Inkodye and spread it evenly across the fabric.

Secure Negative

5. Secure Negative

Lay the negative over your fabric and keep in flat using either push pins or a thin pane of glass.


6. Expose

Bring your print into the sunlight and wait for it to turn black. This should take about 20-25 minutes in direct sunlight.


7. Wash

Take your print out of the sun, and wash it in the washing machine using Inkowash and hot water.

Show it off! Show it off!

9. Show it off!