Shadow Printed Holiday Wreath

Shadow Printed Holiday Wreath

Shayna Brody

Create a homemade printed wreath in minutes using supplies from around your house!


Inkodye ↗
Inkowash ↗
Leaves, Pine Needles, Or Flowers
Computer Paper (Optional)
Pane of Glass
Inkocap Roller / Paint Brush
Cotton Fabric
Gather Supplies

1. Gather Supplies

Find some leaves, flowers, or pine needles from around your neighborhood.

Cut out letters

2. Cut out letters

If you would like to add words to your wreath, cut out letters from computer paper. You can also use letter stickers or stencils!

Apply Inkodye

3. Apply Inkodye

Spread your inkodye evenly across your fabric.


4. Blot

Use a paper towel to remove extra inkodye, make you the fabric is damp but not soaking wet.

Arrange your wreath

5. Arrange your wreath

Place your plants in a circular arrangement. It is really helpful to have a pane of glass or acrylic to lay over your plants to make sure they are flat against your fabric


6. Expose

Bring your print out into the sun and expose until the color has fully developed!

It was a cloudy day at Lumi HQ, so we used our UV Light set up. Learn more about printing with UV light here >>

Remove Shadow Objects

7. Remove Shadow Objects


8. Wash

Wash your fabric in a washing machine with Inkowash. Be sure to wash on hot and rinse on cool. We recommend washing your fabric twice to ensure all the Inkodye is removed.


9. Display

You are ready to hang your wreath!