Shadow-Printed Table Runner

Shadow-Printed Table Runner

Laurel Stavros

Reposted from A Bubbly Life.

Inkodye has been on my DIY radar for quite a bit of time and now that I have used it once—I am hooked. I chose magenta dye, I thought the color bridged summer/fall quite well and can see the runner used for either season.


Inkodye ↗
Inkowash ↗
Table Runner (Or white fabric)
Inkocap Roller or Roller Paintbrush ↗
Gather Materials

1. Gather Materials


2. Plan

Sketch out or decide leaf placement before painting Inkodye.

I love the bleachy-faded look of the runner, however, if you want clear, crisp white markings where the leaves are, I suggest pressing the leaves overnight under heavy books.  

3. Tape

Tape the runner down to a large piece of cardboard (it makes painting much easier if it is taped down)

Apply Ink

4. Apply Ink

Paint Inkodye onto runner and put your leaves down in desired placing. Make sure to do this in a dim area, away from sunlight.

I painted in my garage then carried the cardboard out to sun- Inkodye begins to develop immediately-so you want the leaves on fast (hence deciding before painting)


5. Expose

Expose 10-20 minutes and watch as the color develops! (The Inkodye bottle states 10 mins in full sun and 20 in partial) 


6. Wash

Machine wash using Inkowash and the dye is permanent!

You're Done!

7. You're Done!

You have a unique decoration that will brighten up any room!