Upcycled Jacket

Upcycled Jacket

How to transform an old garment with a new color.

Jesse Genet

Upcycling is the art of making something old into something new. Find something in the back of your closet, hidden in a drawer, perhaps something that you thought of throwing away.

Inkodye is the perfect dye for projects like these because it does not fade and is easy to apply exactly where you want it.


Inkodye ↗
Inkowash ↗
Garment to upcycle
Mixing bowl or jar
Foam brush
Find a garment

1. Find a garment

Find something to upcycle. In my case that involved going through the back of my closet. Decide color and placement. I decided that this jacket could use a bit more color on the sleeves and trim.


2. Dilute

Prepare to apply Inkodye. I used a standard sponge brush and diluted my Inkodye with 1 part water to 1 part dye.

Mix colors

3. Mix colors

For best results you'll want to make sure Inkodye is completely dissolved before you start. This is also your opportunity to mix colors. I used Inkodye Red and Blue to create this mauve color.

Apply Inkodye

4. Apply Inkodye

Apply Inkodye using the foam brush. I started with the big areas I wanted to dye first, be careful not to drip!

Color the details Color the details

5. Color the details

I used the same brush, but you could switch to a smaller one for more control. Watch for bleeding. Because I thinned my Inkodye it was more prone to bleeding, using seams helps.

Flip over

6. Flip over

Make sure you don't get drips and moisture from wet areas onto dry ones when you flip.


7. Accessorize

While you've got your Inkodye and tools out, why not dye a few items?


8. Expose

Take your project out into the sunshine. The color will develop in 10-20 minutes in the sun.

Dry and wash Dry and wash

9. Dry and wash

Let it dry then give it a spin through the washing machine with Inkowash.

You're done!

10. You're done!

Wear with pride. You've just turned something old into something awesome!