Using Cleanline Resist to Create Batik Patterns

Using Cleanline Resist to Create Batik Patterns

Lynda Heines

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Cleanline Resist ↗
Paint Brush
Fabric Dye / Inkodye
Choose a stencil

1. Choose a stencil

The stencil I used was given to me by Susanne in my Indigo dyeing class last week. They are the packaging for frozen dinners. I was pretty excited when I saw these!

Apply Cleanline

2. Apply Cleanline

I ironed freezer paper to the back of my silk hanky and began to stencil using the Cleanline. (I didn’t need to use freezer paper with the cotton.)

It is nice that Cleanline is colored so you can see what you have marked on your fabric. I also used a brush from my stash.

Let it dry

3. Let it dry

Now this resist needs to dry. The bottle says it dries in 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on how thick it’s applied. Since I did this at night, I let it dry until the next morning.

Apply fabric dye

4. Apply fabric dye

I removed the freezer paper and started painting with water added to the fabric dye.

Expert tip - this works with Inkodye as well!

Dry fabric dye

5. Dry fabric dye


6. Iron

Once it was dry, I ironed the back side of the fabric for three minutes to set the paint.


7. Wash

Once it was heat set, I ran the hanky under warm water to wash out the resist, and then popped it in the dryer. Here is the finished silk hankie.